News by khorben on 05/01/2007 01:00:00
Update: UWfirmforce to version 0.0.4, with all workarounds in place to compile on Linux
News by khorben on 04/01/2007 01:00:00
Update: UWfirmforce to version 0.0.3
News by qobaiashi on 03/01/2007 01:00:01
Update by qobaiashi: GinFuzz to version 0.16
News by khorben on 03/01/2007 01:00:00
Update by khorben: UWfirmforce to version 0.0.2
News by khorben on 30/12/2006 01:00:00
New paper: 23c3 slides about firmware analysis are online as well.
Note about UWfirmforce: I realize just now there are minor issues with the release:...
News by khorben on 26/12/2006 01:00:00
New tool: UWfirmforce, an automated firmware reverse-engineering tool
News by khorben on 20/10/2006 02:00:00
New paper: 0sec slides about firmware analysis are online.
News by khorben on 31/07/2006 03:09:18
New tool: UWsoapclient, a minimalistic SOAP client
News by khorben on 08/04/2006 02:00:00
New paper: UW_sizes, what can I say, I got it wrong too...
News by csk on 05/01/2006 01:00:00
New release: UWloveimap, Just a poc made quickly.. an imap bounce scanner using the imap SELECT command.
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